Casual & J. Rawls - Give Respect

After hearing “a lot of beats that moved my pen,” Hieroglyphics MC Casual decided to team up with Ohio producer J. Rawls on a new project. The album, “Respect Game or Expect Flames,” is due out August 28th on Nature Sounds. J. Rawls tells fans to expect a new sound: “I changed my style a lot for this album… I’m known for having a jazzy sound, but some of these tracks are more edgy. It fits Casual’s style and attitude.” You can hear the first single, “Give Respect,” at the link above. Follow @SmashRockwell & @J_Rawls on Twitter.


Tajai and Casual freestyling on RapCity* in Canada, c. 1994. Making it look easy, with A-Plus on the beatbox.

*RapCity is a Canadian rap video show, not to be confused with their space-bar separated bredren Rap City on BET.

That’s How It Is - Casual (1993)